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This website includes guides on:
The basic steps to keeping your Maltese clean
How to bathe your Maltese
How to get your Maltese used to grooming

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Basic Steps

There are a few basic steps that are involved in grooming your Maltese and maintaining its coat.

Comb and brush your Maltese at least every other day
     - Use a detangling spray or a mix of water & conditioner to moisten the coat prior to brushing
     - Use a metal comb, a slicker brush, and a pin brush (without balled ends)
     - To effectively brush your Maltese's hair, lift up the top layer and brush the hair closest to the skin
       first, then brush and comb the outer layer

Cut and file your dog's nails after giving them a bath (the warm water will make the nails softer and      easier to trim). Also, by trimming the nails regularly, only the tips will require cutting and filing.

Brush your dog's teeth once a week to reduce tartar buildup (use a pet toothbrush & pet toothpaste).
     Simply put a bit of toothpaste on the toothbrush and rub it against the front of the teeth. It's not
     necessary to brush the backs of the teeth. If you prefer, you can buy a finger brush, which is a small
     rubber toothbrush that fits over your finger. These brushes are often easier to manoeuver.

Clean your Maltese's ears with a cotton swab and ear cleaning solution after baths

Trim the hair in the ears to reduce the risk of infection. You can also use blunt tweezers to pluck out
     excess hair that has grown too far inside the ears.

Use a stain remover to remove tear stains around eyes
     - Tear stains are even more noticeable on Maltese because they have white coats
     - Use a cotton pad moistened with a tear stain remover to get rid of tear stains

Trim and wash the area around the anus daily to prevent mats of feces (if the area becomes matted,
     it can become infected and sore, resulting in serious health problems)

Make sure your Maltese gets regular hair cuts

Using scissors, trim the hair on your Maltese's feet and around their pads every two weeks

Use dog bows or dog barrettes to keep the hair out of your Maltese's eyes. The recommended size
     of dog bow for Maltese is either a 3/8" dog bow or a 5/8" dog bow, depending on the size of your
     dog. If you like, you can also use two 3/8" dog bows as a pair of ear bows!

Bathe your Maltese every 1-2 weeks. If you like, you can use a whitening shampoo to keep your
     Maltese's coat bright white (if you're unsure, get recommendations from your vet or breeder).

Bathing Your Maltese

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to bathing your Maltese. You can bathe your Maltese in a kitchen sink, a laundry tub or a bathtub. Put a non-skid mat down before you start to make sure your dog doesn't slip.

Remove any collars, dog bows, dog barrettes or clothing your Maltese is wearing.

Gently brush the fur to remove any knots or tangles using a dog comb or brush.

Wet your dog thoroughly. Try not to get too much water in your Maltese's eyes or ears.

Squirt shampoo in a thin line down the center of your dog's back (don't apply the shampoo in a swirl
     or zig-zag pattern). Apply as much shampoo as you need at this point, rather than reapplying
     halfway through the procedure.

Work the shampoo down through the hair with your fingers.

Pour water down the middle of your dog's back to rinse it.

You can either use a plastic cup to pour water onto your dog, or you can use a spray nozzle if you
     have one. If you're using the spray nozzle, make sure it's aimed downwards to minimize tangles.

Work the water through your Maltese's hair until all shampoo is gone.

Apply conditioner to your dog's hair and work it in through the hair with your fingers (just like with the
     shampoo, don't work the conditioner through the hair in a circular or scrunching motion - it will just
     tangle the hair).

Rinse your Maltese as you did with the shampoo. Again, make sure there are no traces of
     conditioner left, as it can irritate the skin.

Gently dry your dog with a clean towel. Don't completely dry the coat - leave it damp for brushing
     (this prevents hair from breaking while it's being brushed).

If you like, you can use a blow dryer instead of a towel to dry your dog. Again, make sure the hair is
     not completely dry, because it still needs to be brushed.

Gently brush the fur to remove knots.

Finish off the look with a beautiful dog bow. Either a 3/8" dog bow or a 5/8" dog bow would be
     suitable for a Maltese's topknot, depending on the dog's size. Two 3/8" dog bows would also look
     adorable as a pair of ear bows!

Things to Remember

Maltese have hair that is easy to break or damage. Some owners like to use a mink oil spray on
     their Maltese's coat, which keeps the coat moisturized and makes it easier to groom.

If your Maltese has a soft, cottony coat (instead of a silky one), have the coat trimmed in a puppy
     cut for easier maintenance.

When buying a pin brush, don't buy one with balls on the end of the pins (it will break the coat).

Don't brush your Maltese's coat when it is completely dry. Instead, use a detangling spray or a mix
     of water & conditioner prior to brushing.

Don't use natural bristle brushes.

Remember to only use pet toothpaste (no human toothpaste) when brushing your Maltese's teeth.

When cutting the hair of your Maltese, the topknot should be longer than the rest of the body
     (that way, it can be pulled back and secured with a dog bow).

How to Get Your Maltese Used to Grooming

Don't force your Maltese into being groomed if they don't like it. Ease into it - start with smaller time increments. If your Maltese doesn't like to be touched or groomed in a certain spot (ie. feet, ears, or muzzle), start with simply touching the spot for a second or two. Make sure you reward your Maltese after every time you have touched the spot and they have been okay with it.

ake a regular grooming routine so your Maltese can get used to it.
Keep the sessions short and to the point. Don't let them drag on, or your Maltese will get antsy.
Give your Maltese treats and reward them for keeping still and letting their feet, ears, and muzzle be

Believe it or not, grooming can actually be enjoyable for your Maltese. If you get them used to it early on, they can grow to like it and end up looking forward to being groomed.

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Fun Maltese Facts
Maltese dogs were bred originally to
    be companion dogs for the rich and
    famous or those who just needed
    some company in their life.

The Maltese dog breed dates back to
    the ancient Island of Malta. It was the
    favored companion dog to the wealthy
    in Greek and Roman times. Greeks
    from that period constructed tombs
    dedicated to the Maltese. This breed
    was often featured on a lot of the art
    from that period. They made their way
    to the United Kingdom around the 16th
    Century and later to North America in
    the 1800's.

Sometimes, without exposure to
    sunlight, a Maltese’s nose may fade to
    pink or light brown. This is sometimes
    referred to as a “winter nose”.
    However, with more exposure to the
    sun, the nose may become black

Maltese are considered to be
    hypoallergenic (people who are
    allergic to dogs might not be allergic
    to Maltese).

Previous Names
The Maltese was originally called the
    Melitaie Dog. Through the years, it
    has also been known as:
- Ye Ancient Dogge of Malta
      - the Roman Ladies' Dog
      - the Majestic Creature
      - the Comforter Dog
      - the Spaniel Gentle
      - the Bichon
      - the Shock Dog
      - the Maltese Lion Dog
      - the Maltese Terrier

In the 19th century, The Kennel Club
    decided to call the breed the Maltese.

Famous Maltese Owners

Halle Berry (Willy & Polly)
Heather Locklear (Harley)
Elizabeth Taylor (Sugar)
Anna Nicole Smith (Marilyn)
Eva Longoria (Jinxie)
Marilyn Monroe (Mafia Honey)
Elvis Presley (Foxhugh)
Liberace (Charmin, Solo & Leah)
Britney Spears (Lacy Loo)
Barbra Streisand (Babs)
Ashley Tisdale (Blondie)
Miley Cyrus (Sophie Cyrus)
Jessica Simpson (Daisy)
Kristin Chenoweth (Maddie)
Lindsay Lohan (Chloe)

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